Night Noodle Markets, Hyde Park

One of my readers emailed me and asked if I was going to SIFF Night Noodle markets. As it happened, I was going that very night! And I decided to post this straight away so that other readers still have some opportunity to visit them - they end on the 23rd October.

The markets start at 5pm and I had been warned by several people that the lines were going to be Long!

The Chief and I met up at 6.30pm and the lines were indeed long.

The line at Din Tai Fung - this isn't the end of the line, the line stretched far behind me!

The line at a Thai stall

The line at Jackie M Malaysian - can't see the front!

The Chief wanted Jackie M Malaysian so lined up while I did a quick round of the stalls.

On my way, I picked up a free SMH from the SMH stall:

In an enviro bag

The Chief had also given me a Ferrero Rondnoir from the Ferrero stall!

After doing a lap of the stalls, I concluded that the food was the same as previous years, but the lines were three times as long. Seriously - the lines snaked their way around the crowds and into the eating area. I think that the organisers should realise how popular the Night Noodle Markets have become and either move the seating area to other areas of Hyde Park or expand the area, giving more space in between each stall.

Since the Chief was already in line at Jackie M, I decided to also have some Malaysian tonight. The wait took about twenty minutes and we both decided to get The Works.

The front of the line!

Given that all of the tables were taken, we decided to eat on the grass near the fountain.

Full tables

The Works - $15
including roti, two chicken satay sticks, coconut rice and your choice of curry

The chicken sticks were very small and thin. The flesh was a bit stringy.

The roti was very buttery, light and warm.

But the real winner was the coconut rice with chicken curry. The chicken was soft and tender, the rice had a yummy coconut flavour. I was impressed to see how the rice held its warmth despite the chill in the wind and my slow pace in eating.

By now it was dusk and we didn't particularly feel like rejoining the crowds again so decided to go elsewhere for dessert.

Lanterns and lights in Hyde Park


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  1. That looks soo goood. I wish I were eating it rather than this sandwich right now.

  2. Hi Mobblees: It was pretty nice. I liked dipping the roti into the sauces.

  3. I went there and also loved the roti. not so impressed with the crowd though but in general great vibe!

  4. Hi Anh: I agree, the crowds and lines were a bit of a downer but the lanterns and music create some great atmosphere - you just need to find a nice spot to sit! :)