New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Ashfield

Some of you may recall that I visited Chinese Fast Food and Shanghai Night to sample their xiao long baos. You may even remember that I wanted to complete the trifecta by tasting the wares at New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant which is located next to Shanghai Night, and a few doors down from Chinese Fast Food.

Well my dreams came true! I feel like this is a big accomplishment as I can now pick and choose which one I think is the best.


On the outside window

It is Sunday lunchtime and this place is buzzing. As soon as one table leaves, another set of diners come to take their place.

Busy dumpling makers behind a glass window at the back

Unfortunately the hectic pace of the restuarant means that the tables are not very clean, nor is the floor. The waitress frantically scrubbed at our table as the previous patrons left but one seat at our table had large fish bones and bits of noodles under the chair! Ew.


Sample menu page

Complimentary tea

We ordered three dishes to start off with and sat around waiting for it to come out. It took about ten to fifteen minutes before the xiao long baos came out.

Xiao long baos - ($6.80 for 8)
Listed on menu as Famous New Shanghai steamed mini pork

These were very good. Very good indeed. Each little parcel of dumpling was tight, with no leaks and a large amount of oily soup inside.

Look how much soup came out of just one dumpling!

Next up were the pan fried pork buns. These were my next favourite after the xiao long baos.

Famous New Shanghai pan fried pork bun - $8.80 for 10
(I think two were eaten before I took the photo)

In terms of presentation, I would give them a 1/10. Can you still get one mark if there is no effort put into presentation at all? I guess the one mark is for not having any bugs or random articles on the plate.

The buns had been tossed haphazardly on the plate and there was huge pools of oil.


Of course, oil wasn't going to stop me from devouring the buns.

The buns were quite good. Although they are smaller than at other Shanghai restaurants, I found that the proportion of bun to meat was better.

The level of pan-friedness

Inside the pan fried pork bun

There was a decent amount of soup inside the bun and I preferred to eat these over the fried dumplings.

Pan fried pork dumplings - $7.80 for 8

Once again, presentation was lacking. Sure, you could say that you don't come here for presentation but even the other Ashfield Shanghainese restaurants arranged the fried dumplings in two neat rows.

The dumplings had been left on for just a bit too long, which toughened the dumpling skin.

Bottom of the fried dumpling

After we finished these three dishes, I still had some room in my stomach so we ordered one more round of xiao long baos :)

The second round

These came out within five minutes so I presumed we managed to squeeze in our order while a fresh batch had already been started.

So I am a bit torn. I do like the xiao long baos here, very much so - but the uncleanliness of the floors was a bit off putting. I was going to take a photo for this blog but decided it was a bit gross (not to mention disinclination to incite the wrath of an angry proprietor). Perhaps I should visit at a time that is not so busy? But by all accounts, this place is very popular so when would a less-busy time be?


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  1. Those dumplings look so delicious!

  2. Reruns of old blog posts... is this going to be your summer programming?

  3. Hi SK: They tasted delicious as well!

    Hi Jathon: I'm sorry that you feel like it was a rerun of an old blog post but let's face it, these Ashfield restaurants are very similar and you can't do much about that.

  4. Hey I have been to this place .. and found it exactly as you described. A bit messy, took ages for the dishes to arrive (we went on Friday night). But yes, the dumplings were yummy.

    Last night we visited the Chatswood branch of the same place. It is much neater but yes more expensive.

  5. melissa@ hungry by natureAugust 25, 2011 at 2:54 PM

    Hi, as a fellow food Blogger I encourage you to try yuans bbq restaurant, campsie. They have one of the best, most authentic Xiao long bao and fried dumplings in sydney

  6. Hi Rupz: Thanks for your comment! I guess we have to put up with the dirty decor for the yummy dumplings :(

    Hi melissa: Thanks for the recommendation, I'll be sure to check it out! Am eager to try more xiao long baos.