Max Brenner (2), Wynyard

Max Brenner at Wynyard is so convenient, it is almost ridiculous (and dangerous).

After visiting the night noodle markets, the Chief and I wandered over to Max Brenner for our sweet fix.

I decided to branch out and try their White Chocolate Chai.

White Chocolate Chai ($6.00)

Are you wondering, like I did, what on earth is that?

Let me break it down for you. On the left is an empty glass. On the right is a plastic saucer like contraption.

Unfortunately when the waiter brought the drink over, he did not explain how to serve it. Maybe I look like a seasoned white chocolate chai drinker?

So I puzzled over the plastic thing - I could see liquid inside - but how to get it out??

And then the strangest thing happened. I lifted it up to look at the bottom. No clues there. As I put it back on the table, it acted as though a leak sprouted and spilled a quarter of the drink all over the table!

I flagged the waiter and asked how I was supposed to drink this! He smiled as he took in the messy table as though he had seen this happen many times before (and he probably has - instructions please!)

It turns out that you lift the plastic thing, and fit it over the top of the glass. When you fit it over the top, it places pressure on this ring at the bottom and the liquid comes out.

I am all for quirkiness but to be honest, this contraption isn't particularly attractive and it's sort of useless. I would rather the drink come out in a normal, small teapot!

Anyway, I successfully managed to serve myself a glass.

A glass of the white chocolate chai

It was very, very sweet. White chocolate is usually sweeter than milk chocolate and you could really taste it in this drink. The chai was very subtle.

After your tastebuds adjusted to the extreme sweetness, it was nice. But I probably wouldn't try it again.

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  1. Haha that's so wierd.
    I like the milkshakes there and the cute "drink me" glass it comes in.

  2. I think it is a smarter way to serve it....But you can be boring and stick to the old fashioned way if you want. I like it so much i am buying them from overseas.