Sunny Harbour Seafood Resaturant (2), Hurstville

Some of you may remember Sunny Harbour as the restaurant where we enjoyed a recession lobster.

This time we were back. For mud crab. Three cheers, yay!

I have no idea how much these individual dishes cost, so just enjoy the pretty pictures.

Tea and bowls

I was a bit disappointed to discover that there was no complimentary soup before the food came out. Apparently now, most Chinese restaurants only offer either a pre-dinner soup or a dessert soup.

Anyway, we ordered and the food came out quickly. And you know I love it when the food comes out quickly.

Lemon water for finger washing

Steamed fresh oyster with ginger, shallot and soy sauce

Two mud crabs served with shallots and garlic on a base of noodles

YUM!! I love the noodles because they have this crabby flavour to them.

The only thing I don't like about crabs is that it takes so much effort to eat the fiddly bits. But I guess that sweet meat is reward enough.

Hainan chicken

The chicken was okay, I had one piece but wasn't eager to have another. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with it but it was ordinary.

Sweet and sour pork

The pork pieces were a bit small for my liking.

Braised duck feet, mushrooms, abalone and other things...

I'm not a fan of duck feet....actually I've never tried duck feet and don't intend to in the near future. But I had a mushroom and it was nice.

After the meal, we received a complimentary dessert soup and fruit.

Barley dessert soup

A nice dinner, though if I was ordering the dishes, I would have chosen differently. For starters, I like that tofu thing that has a topping of prawns, peas, carrots etc. I also like salt and pepper pork. And I remember that we had some beef cubes last time that were really yummy.

And before you say that I shouldn't criticise a free dinner, I paid for half of the dinner okay! So I have complaining rights.

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