Flying Fajita Sisters, Glebe

Flying Fajita Sisters for $3 tequilas and tacos on Tuesdays. I had always been curious about their tequila and taco night. What kind of poor student wouldn't be?

We were a large group and were seated in their courtyard. I think their courtyard is really nice! It is very roomy with a small fountain and an outdoor heater to keep you warm.

A table in the courtyard

It was perfect spring night and the courtyard was lit with tealights and other small lights. Unfortunately this means that my photos are rather shoddy but oh well. Better than nothing, right?


We initially ordered a round of tequila shots and tacos - two tacos for each person. Although the tequila came out very quickly, the tacos took ages to come out...

Tequila shot with lemon

So some nachos were ordered.


These were okay. I would have liked it if the dips were in a larger side dish because I like to really swipe my corn chip in the sour cream.

For the tacos, you can choose from chicken, beef or pork. I think there is a vegetarian option as well - beans?

My chicken and pork nachos

Served with some salad on the side

The tacos were quite small, but for $3, they were good. The wrap was very thin and tore apart quite easily when you picked up the taco so I reverted to using a knife and fork.

I preferred the pork to the chicken as the chicken was a bit dry.

After we devoured these tacos, we ordered some more. I had one more, so three tacos in total for me.

The service was so-so. The staff are very friendly but a bit lost with taking orders. Although we placed a second order, when it took a while for the tacos to come out, we questioned another staff member and had to repeat our whole order again.

I would go back again for $3 tequila and tacos but more for the fun and lively atmosphere than the tacos themselves.


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  1. Is there a certain time on Tuesday to get the deal?

  2. Hi Mobblees: I think it is valid for all of Tuesday night. Our booking was for 6.30 and we left at about 9pm.