The Falconer, Darlinghurst

After Phamish, the Chief and I ventured on a search for some good dessert. We took a short walk up to Oxford St and the Chief recommended the Falconer.

It was warm and cosy inside, a very welcome shelter from the rain beating down outside. As soon as we walked in, I knew that I would like this place. It has an old-world charm that made me feel as though we had stepped back fifty years in time. With the dim lighting and old records, I felt like pretending that we were two detectives hunting down the Maltese Falcon who had slipped into a dark, hidden coffee store to discuss our progress.

But of course, we were just there for dessert.

A very blurry Falconer menu - why do I bother?

Romantic candlelight

The decor is wonderfully charming. Round booth seats, low hanging lights and retro posters on the wall.

Booth seating

The counter at the front of the store

I had a craving for a thickshake, which wasn't on the menu but the friendly waitress assured me that she could make me one. I requested vanilla flavour - extra thick.

The vanilla thickshake

It was exactly what I was craving for and I managed to drink at least two thirds of the tall glass.

The Chief and I decided to share a banoffee tart that we had spied in the window as we walked in.

The banoffee tart

This was surprisingly good. The cream was very thick with a strong caramel flavour and there were pieces of banana hidden in the tart.

I think I definitely want to revisit the Falconer again - I love odd cosy places!


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  1. Hello from Vancouver!
    That tart looks delicious!

    P.S. See, I'm your #1 reader.

  2. Hi Mobblees!

    Wow, even people in Vancouver read my blog! Thanks for the comment, I think it really shows your dedication.

    I look forward to hearing your Vancouver food stories.

    And yes, the tart was really nice!

  3. I adore The Falconer. That tart looks sensational!

  4. Hi Tina: I think I need to revisit asap for more tart goodness!