El Jannah, Punchbowl

I'm a big fan of roast chicken. Especially charcoal chicken, though I have to admit that Red Rooster always holds a special place in my stomach (their chicken is just so moist! And the stuffing! Yum!)

El Jannah has been on my 'to eat' list for a while. My only deterrence was that the store was located in Granville and I didn't even know how to get to Granville! Then, lo and behold, one day I started googling and found out that there was a store in Punchbowl! The very next day, I made my visit to El Jannah.

The El Jannah store in Punchbowl

I could smell the barbecue and charcoal as soon as I walked near the entrance. As I entered the store, I was happy to see that there was plenty of seating and it was very bright and airy.

There is a simple menu divided into Take-away and Eat-In. I was surprised at how cheap the take-away was - you could get a quarter chicken for only $3.90! The Eat-In prices are a little higher but still fairly low.

The menu in the store

We placed our order at the counter with the friendly staff and took a seat.

The store is quite well decorated. An effort has clearly been made - a higher effort than you would normally expect from a charcoal chicken takeaway store. I appreciated the clean tables which had 'El Jannah' printed on them and the artwork on the walls.

Some prints on the wall

Our food arrived very quickly.

Quarter chicken ($11.50 for a half chicken)

My friend and I actually ordered a half chicken - to share obviously. We requested two breast pieces. The chicken was a little bit disappointing. It was very salty. My friend (who has visited El Jannah in Granville on many occasions) confirmed that this was the way it usually was. The chicken was also slightly on the over-cooked side, with parts of the skin burnt to crisp and bits of the meat had dried up.

Garlic sauce

El Jannah is famous for their garlic sauce. It comes with all of their chicken, whether you eat in or takeaway. The garlic is very strong - not for the faint- hearted. It reminded me of the garlic toum that I have had at other Lebanese restaurants and I eagerly dipped my chips into it.

When you eat in, the price includes Lebanese bread and pickles.

We also ordered:

Regular chips ($4.00)

The chips had been liberally doused with chicken salt and I think normal salt as well, because they were quite salty. The serving was very generous and we didn't get close to finishing the bowl.

Tabouli ($5.50)

The staff actually forgot about our tabouli! We had received all of our food and I was wondering where it was - since I assumed (correctly) that they would just have it pre-made.

Once again, the serving of tabouli was very generous and we managed to eat about half of it. My friend and I both thought that there was too much lemon juice in the tabouli. I don't know if the juice had soaked down to the bottom of the serving dish, and we got the bottom of the tabouli pile but it got to the point where we would eat a mouthful and our face would pucker up because of the intense citric acid.

Falafels ($1.50 each)

These falafels were delicious!!! A definite winner. They tasted like they were freshly made and were piping hot. The filling was soft and smooth. I wish we had ordered more.

I was a bit apprehensive about writing this review, as El Jannah has a lot of loyal fans. One fan even went so far to say that I probably wouldn't like it just because everyone else does.

I think that is a ridiculous thing to say. I just write from an objective viewpoint and I can't help it if my taste is different from yours. Sometimes my readers might share my opinion, and other times you won't. That is just the way of life.

Would I visit El Jannah again? Yes, but I wouldn't journey out to Granville for it. I'm also unsure about the chicken, particularly if it is always that salty.


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  1. To sonywalkmanblues: Don't be ridiculous, you've only been away from El Jannah for one day!

  2. lol hahah your 'friend' gave a different recount of your el jannah visit :P my opinion is that the el jannah chicken has seen better days, i recently had some and yeh a lot of the skin was burnt =[ but to me el jannah > red rooster qtr chicken and chips hands down..