New Favourite Drink

I just wanted to share my new favourite drink at the moment....

Or in English....

Lychee Tea! It is so delicious!

Usually when browsing for a drink at an asian grocery store, I tend to purchase either old favourites or ones with fancy packaging.

The packaging of this isn't the best - I'm not a fan of the grooves along the bottle and there is a bit too much going on with the label.....but it is so yummy!

The problem with lychee drinks is that they are often too sweet. I cite Yeo's as an example. However, this one has just enough 'tea' to balance out the sweetness and I found myself guzzling down the bottle.

If you want to have a taste for yourself, the brand is POKKA and I think it retails for about $2.00 per bottle.


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  1. Hi!

    I tried this drink after reading this post. I found it ok but a bit too sweet. I like the T.Grand Green Tea with Honey flavour.

  2. Hi Anonymous: I'm sorry to hear you found it too sweet. I don't know what the T-Grand one is - what colour is the bottle and what does it look like? I might try it out next time!

  3. It is green and has a picture of a bee on it

  4. T-grand is the drink i always drink LoL.. there's also a less sweeter but not sweetless jasmin green tea at thai kee i'll show you next time retrodaze =]

  5. Hi Anonymous: Thanks for the description. I will be sure to keep an eye out for it.

    Hi William: I like it when the drink is sweet, but not too sweet. See, I think this lychee drink is the perfect amount of sweetness.