Adriano Zumbo, Rozelle

Business is booming for Adriano Zumbo. After multiple appearances on Australia's Masterchef, it wasn't exactly a surprise when we visted his patisserie on a Saturday afternoon, only to find that almost everything had sold out.

The patisserie is technically open until 6pm. We arrived at 4.40pm and everything was sold out except for some macarons and one variety of cake.

The remaining macarons inside the counter

There was also a line out the door. So we waited in line and decided to purchase one cake and one of each macaron flavour to share, then walked up the road to his cafe.

The entrance into the cafe

Outdoor seating at the cafe

We actually initially came to the cafe first (at about 4.30pm) but were told that the kitchen was closing so only coffees were available. I was terribly disappointed as I had ogled the desserts on his website beforehand and was dying to try La Vie En Rose.

So by the time that we came back to the cafe after waiting at the patisserie, it was almost closing time (5pm). Nevertheless, the staff offered to take our orders for drinks while fetching us plates for the cake and macarons.

The open kitchen and blackboard menu for drinks

It didn't take long for our drinks to arrive and I welcomed their quick arrival since, once again, it was a freezing Sydney winter day.

Dark hot chocolate ($6.50? Can't remember the exact price)

Iced coffee ($5.50?)

The dark hot chocolate was served in a large bowl-like cup - I love drinking from bowl-like cups! Though part of me can't help but think that the drink cools down much faster due to the larger exposed surface area....

I couldn't finish the entire drink because the dark chocolate became too bitter once I started to reach the bottom of the cup. Too bitter even for me!

And we started on our sugary treats....

Escape from a Columbian Rainforest ($8.75)

The inside of the cake

The cake was....not very nice. I had extremely high expectations due to the Masterchef hype and was preparing myself for a gastronomic adventure. But what I got was a crazy mixture of different flavours and textures that just didn't work together at all.

For a breakdown of the cake:

- on the outside: pink sour sherbet fizz
- three layered chocolate discs
- chocolate mousse 'body' of the cake
- liquid cherry inside with cherry chunks

It was just too much! It was hard to eat as you couldn't easily dig your fork in - you had to try to crack through a chocolate disc and hope that you squished some mousse out at the same time.

I would have preferred more simplicity in the cake. I didn't eat my allotted half but allowed my friend to have more - yet even they refused.

Our package of macarons ($2 each)

It's a bit hard to see the different macarons but we purchased one of each in the following flavours: Salt & Vinegar, Rose, Blackcurrant, Passionfruit and Rice Pudding.

Here are some close-up shots so you can get a better look at the filling


The Rose was too sweet. It tasted like it had been drenched in artificial rose essence.

Rice pudding

I was super excited about trying the Rice Pudding flavour - does anyone else remember that this was one of the flavours that they had to make on Masterchef?

Unfortunately it disappointed. The flavour just wasn't WOW. It tasted like an overly sugary macaron, with a very mild rice pudding underlay.


The passionfruit had a lot of potential. There was some nice fresh passionfruit flavour in the filling but it was a very thin layer that was overwhelmed by the rest of the filling (which just tasted like cream flavour).

Overall, I was letdown. After reading rave reviews on other food blogs and hearing the accolades for Adriano Zumbo's creations, I was looking forward to something amazing. Sadly it didn't deliver.


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  1. Is Macaron, not macaroon, girl. Get it right. I know the original backbone is same same, but they are totally different thing.

  2. Gosh, you're absolutely right, I just googled that and feel so embarassed! I just spelt it phonetically after frequently hearing it on Masterchef.

    I stand corrected!

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