Eating at Birkenhead Point

Recently I made my first trip to Birkenhead Point shopping centre, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed. The stores were all bleh, in particular, the David Jones outlet - where do they even get the stuff that they sell in there??

Anyway, I thought I would share what I had for lunch that day. I'm didn't pay attention to what the place was called, but it was a fresh seafood place outside Coles.

I ordered a Fisherman's Basket, which was fish, chips, calamari rings, prawn cutlets served with salad and tartare sauce.

Fisherman's Basket ($10.95)

Closeup of the large piece of fish

It took about 15 minutes to cook, which was a bit of a wait. But when it came out, my first thought was that there was a LOT of food in the box for $10.95!

There was a self-serve chicken salt flavour and unfortunately I went a bit crazy with it since I love chicken salt. I accidentally drenched everything in it, even the salad. Oops.

The prawn cutlets were different to what I expected, I thought it would be a square shape but it was simply frozen prawns coated with bread crumbs.

It all got a bit too greasy in the end and I ended up scraping the crumbing off the calamari and prawns, and left most of the chips in the box.


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