Kagaya, Hurstville

There are only approximately three Japanese restaurants in Hurstville. And one of them is a sushi train, so I guess there's really only two. Kagaya is by far the most popular. There are a number of possible reasons why:

A. Lack of competition
B. Low prices

The bright 'Kagaya' sign

Due to its popularity, I was a bit worried about showing up on a Thursday night (late night shopping night!) during dinner rush hour without a reservation. But it seemed like Lady Luck was on our side because there was a free table for two!

The busy restaurant

There has also been a new addition since I last visited - a flatscreen TV! How Asian. Gotta love it. Especially since it meant that I got to see who was eliminated from Masterchef!

See Gary on the screen?

The staff are quite efficient and we were soon seated with menus.

Kagaya menu - cover

Sample page from the Kagaya menu

I have to admit, I always get the same thing whenever I come to Kagaya. And since this one thing is a set menu for two, it means convincing my dining companion to share with me. Luckily, it is such a good value meal that they find it hard to refuse. And besides, one wouldn't order the same thing every time if it wasn't good, right?

Kagaya has a number of set dinners which are reputed to be the best value choice from the menu. There are Eel dinners, Tempura dinners etc. My favourite is the Teriyaki Dinner Set, which is what we ordered tonight (again).

It is $35.80 for two people. And for that price, you receive the following:

Complimentary cold noodles (each)

Actually, you receive this no matter what you order. They are usually brought out to you as soon as you order. It is very fresh and clean tasting.

Hot green tea (and refills)

Miso soup (each)

Choice of agedashi tofu or chawan-mushi (each).

This is the chawan- mushi

Bowl of rice (each) - they are quite generous with the serving. I didn't finish my bowl.

Sorry about the teriyaki sauce marring the perfect white of the rice. I started eating before I remembered to take a photo. Oops.

Choice of sushi or sashimi (to share).

We chose the sashimi boat which includes salmon, tuna, kingfish and squid.

Closeup of the sashimi selection

Choice of Beef Tataki or Yakitori Chicken (to share).

We chose the Beef Tataki

I think this is my favourite item in the set. The Beef Tataki tastes really fresh and delicious when you mix it with the soy sauce and mayonnaise from the salad.

The salad that they use is cabbage, slice of tomato, cucumber and lemon with a dollop of mayonnaise.

Choice of Teriyaki Beef or Teriyaki Chicken (to share).

This is the Teriyaki Chicken

And finally for dessert, one scoop of green tea ice cream each!

The whole bowl is cold so I assume that they prescoop them and hold them in a big fridge until dinner time! I also think that they make it themselves. Sometimes it's been a bit runny, as though the ice cream hasn't had enough time to set but this time, it was nice and solid.

Green tea ice cream

I think that's pretty good for just under $18 each, don't you?

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  1. Always good for a filling meal.

    By the way, Sushi Train at Hurstville has also closed meaning that there are only two Japanese restaurants left in Hurstville...

  2. Hi Arthur: I'm surprised the Sushi Train lasted as long as it did! I have never eaten there in all of the years that I've gone to Hurstville. It just didn't look very appealing.

  3. Sushi Train wasn't bad at all the 3-4 times I've been there. Maybe it's bland and unspectacular but I haven't had a bad experience with either the food or the service there.

    The other Japanese place though opposite the Music Lover Disc Centre place ... eep!