The Counter Burger, Crows Nest

After a successful morning at the Kirribilli markets, what better way to finish off the day than to clog your arteries with some good ol' burgers and shakes?

The entrance to Counter Burger

The inside of the restaurant is a lot darker than I expected. There are television screens showing pay tv sports channels (I think?) and a combination of soft cushy chairs along the wall or tables and normal chairs.

There is a big counter in the middle of the restaurant. It has a halo of lights around it and appears to be where the cash register is located and where drinks are prepared.

You can see the counter in the distance

For those who don't know, Counter Burger allows you to build your own burger. Upon being seated, you are handed a small clipboard with a paper form to fill out. You choose your type of bread, cheese, fillings, meat etc. If you can't decide, they have some preset burgers.

The clipboard

They also have a small selection of drinks and sides.

I was dying to order the Apple Pie shake but they had run out! So I settled for the shake of the month - a Caramel Choc Chip Cookie shake.

A heady combination of vanilla ice cream mixed with caramel and chocolate chip cookies ($5.00)

It was deliciously thick, with chunks of cookies coming up the straw. Unfortunately, I could only finish half of it and the other people at my table were also only able to finish half of their shakes so I highly recommend sharing.

Check out that thickness!

Our table ordered some sides to share.

Fries with chili beef and cheese ($5.50)

These were disappointing. The beef wasn't spicy at all and was rather bland. The overall taste was of beans and the fries underneath became soggy from being underneath the mixture.

Half 'n' half fries - onion rings and french fries ($5.50)

It's a shame that this photo turned out so blurry because the onion rings were a definite winner. Lightly crumbed and fresh, they had a delicious flavor, even if they were a bit oily. The fries were decent and not soggy, which meant that we could dip them in the sauces that came with the sides.

Can't remember what these sauces were but they were quite nice...

Now for the burgers...

I chose a burger with a wholemeal bun, grilled chicken, imported swiss cheese, grilled onions, sprouts, mixed baby greens and beetroot with a garlic aioli sauce.

Here are some of the burgers that my friends ordered:

This one has the honey-cured bacon that is from the 'premium topping' selection that costs an extra $1.50 to add on. I couldn't really taste the 'honey' part of the bacon. It just tasted like normal bacon to me.

I recommend ordering the beef instead of chicken in your burger. The chicken is nothing to rave about but the beef has a lovely charred flavour to it.


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  1. I think it would take about an hour to figure out what to get. Me being indecisive and all.

  2. Yes, you are awfully indecisive. Maybe if you decide to go, you should plan out your burger the night before.