Takumi Sushi Train, Haymarket

Ever since this sushi train opened up, I have been obsessed with it.

And what is there not to obsess about? Listen carefully: $2.80 all dishes, or $2.50 with your student ID or Market City parking ticket. You heard correctly - that's ALL dishes, even stuff you order off the menu! And it's good stuff as well, not the crap that you get at that cheap sushi train next to the George St cinemas.

And the staff are super friendly, so much that I often go by myself (look, that's what lots of people in Tokyo do, ok, they eat at sushi trains by themselves)for a quick meal.

The Takumi sushi train

I always prefer to order off the menu because you know you're getting it fresh!

This is going to be an ongoing post because I always like to try new things at this sushi train. I'm not going to list prices because as I said before, everything is the same low price! (that means not having to worry about counting coloured plates or counting the number of dots on the plate)

Sashimi - 3 pieces of salmon sashimi

Prawn Fry

Salmon aburi - grilled salmon with sweet soy sauce on rice (a personal favourite! Order it off the menu and they will make it for you fresh- nothing beats warm grilled half raw salmon..mmm)

Grilled scallop

Now, the following dish isn't actually on the menu, but it is something that I believe should be! I have created my own dish below:

One grilled scallop + one grilled salmon - a great combination!

'Takumi' hand roll - salmon, tuna and avocado

Salmon and avocado hand roll

Raw scampi (do not order if it reminds you of Pinchy from the Simpsons!)

Another scampi

Cold udon - it is on the coneveyor belt and has seaweed, shallots and prawn karaage in it. The soup comes in a small container and you empty the soup into the bowl (and yes, this is also only $2.50!)

What the udon looks like after you've taken off the covering and put the soup in:

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  1. how can you eat a scampi live???? that's cruel

  2. To ScAmPiLuVa: The scampi isn't live, it is just raw.

  3. yummm I love this place! I think I come here at least once a week... the takumi handroll is def the best value