Satang Thai Exclusive, Haymarket

Ok, everyone knows Satang Thai. At least, anyone who goes to UTS knows Satang Thai. How can you miss that bright orange sign and constant crowd of small people gathered outside the store?

But it seems like the people of Satang have caught onto their weakness - lack of SEATING AREA- and have opened up a new restaurant across the road from the original Satang.

So ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you: Satang Thai Exclusive:

The sleek entrance

One day there was a not-very-profitable handbag store (in all my years of walking past it, I don't think I ever saw a customer...) and the next day, a brand spanking new Thai restaurant!

Did I mention that it has two levels?

A view of Satang Thai Exclusive's two levels

Although it was a Friday night, there were quite a few free tables on the first level and that is where we were seated. So I don't actually know what the second level look is like on the inside- has anyone been up there?

I do know however, that if you sit on the first level, they have my favorite type of seating - cushy chairs! Yay! There is wood panelling on the walls and what I like to call 'atmosphere' lighting.

A glimpse of the decor

It is quite dark inside the restaurant and there are plenty of staff bustling around. Indeed, on the first level, you have a clear view of the stainless steel kitchen where your foods are being prepared.

A view of the kitchen - plus a bottle of table water which you don't need to ask for

(Side note: have you noticed that Asian restaurants are really good with table water in general? Most of the time you don't need to ask for refills and it's provided automatically. Non-asian places should really get into this habit!)

The menu is quite similar to Satang Thai and is divided in noodles, rice, salads etc. The prices are very reasonable, and also in the same range as the dishes across the road, which makes me wonder why anyone would sit on the shoddy tables there, when they could enjoy table service here?

There were only two of us so we decided to share:

Thai beef salad ($9.80)

The salad was quite nice, I could have happily had this for myself. I requested it to be made without chili (I know there are two giant chillies resting on top of the salad, but they were just a garnish...) but it still had a lot of flavour. There were peanut shards scattered throughout the salad and the beef was nicely seared.

Massaman Curry with beef ($12.80) with rice (I think it was $2 pp? Can't remember...)

Okay, now this was a big disappointment. Massaman curry is usually made with a thick curry sauce and fall apart beef. Instead, this was watery with overuse of coconut milk and the worst thing of all - the beef was the same beef that they put in noodles! i.e. thinly sliced and blah!

But since you can't waste food, we made the most of it by mixing the 'curry' with rice which tasted quite nice. I wouldn't order it in the future though, I expect big cubes of meat in my massaman curry!

The service was very good. The overall look of the restaurant actually reminded me a bit of Chat Thai (near Capitol Theatre), but with a much larger dining area (I am not a fan of Chat Thai).

I can see this place becoming very popular in the future.


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  1. Love the new layout.
    And I wouldn't have noticed satang exclusive if you didn't point it out!

    Also I laughed at "Chat Thai" why would they call it that haha.

  2. A bigger Satang Thai? Yes! Gone are the days of seeing a busy Satang Thai an deciding to go to Gung Ho instead, and ending up eating my lame Gung Ho meal while watching the people at Satang Thai eat their awesome ones.

    Def gonna try Satang Exclusive this week.

  3. Mobblees: You're easily amused.

    Rehactor: The mirror at Gungho freaks me out! I know they put it there to make the place seem bigger than it is, but I feel restricted when eating there because I don't want to turn my head and see my face larger than life staring back at me