St James Hotel, CBD

There are quite a few reasons why I call myself an 'amateur' food blogger. One reason being my poor quality camera - not really a camera at all, but just my phone. The other reason is that I am bad at remembering prices. There is really no excuse for this, because I dislike reading other food blogs that don't include prices of dishes.

Because this blog is a learning curve, I will endeavour to remember prices but make no promises.

And now we move onto the good stuff.

St James Hotel is the sister hotel to Sanctuary, which I have previously blogged about. The menu is very fact, I think that almost everything available at Sanctuary is on the menu at St James Hotel. I don't have a preference between the two. St James Hotel is a bit nicer on the inside, but both are in convenient locations.

Angus rump steak with mash and mushroom sauce - about $11?

Mediterranean veggie pizza with pesto- about $11?

The blur in the first photo is my friend's fork snatching a bite of the mash. Which is oh so very good. Two thumbs up.


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