Revisiting an old friend: The Glebe Markets

I really like the Glebe markets. I prefer them over any other market in Sydney. This is because:

1. They're convenient to get to (walkable from Central!)
2. Lots of stalls
3. Stalls are close together, meaning less distance to walk
4. Lots of cafes on Glebe Point Road for a light lunch
5. Clear area of grass to sit down on if you buy some market food to eat.

Unfortunately, I don't go that often anymore. Namely because:

1. Most of the stalls stay the same
2. Other people don't like them as much as I do

But it was a sunny Saturday and I had a friend who was desperate to see what they were like. So we trekked to the markets to see what goods were on offer.

As it so happens, neither of us bought anything. In fact, the above Turkish Gozleme ($9) was the only purchase from the markets! Yum yum.

Ok, I know in the photo that it seems like I'm taking a photo of some random chick who's staring at me. But I'm actually taking a photo of the stall in the background - because guess who was performing there? Casey Donovan! Of Australian Idol 'fame'.....

Her music created a nice lunch-eating atmosphere. Props to Casey.

She really made our day. And then, after some more mindless browsing, we were like two tired little piggys who were ready to go wee wee wee all the way home.


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  1. what other food is available? more food pics please!

  2. Dear sonywalkmanblues,

    There is a japanese stall that doesn't seem to get many customers, a bakery stall, an indian stall (I saw they were grilling tandoori chicken pieces that went into a burger for $6.50, looked pretty good!)and the turkish gozleme stall. There is also usually a nuts vendor near the entrance.

  3. FAIL photo of Casey Donovan. I can't even see her!

  4. You're not squinting hard enough