David Jones Food Hall

Food halls are the best. I don't know why Australia hasn't embraced the food hall like Japan has. Seriously, department store food halls in Tokyo are the bomb! They are huge and gleaming, with a cacophony of sound and the sound of fresh food cooking. Smiley assistants who offer you samples and everything from desserts to yakitori sticks.

Here is an article on Tokyo's food hall craze. For a visual, here is someone's flickr photostream of a depachika (basement food hall) in Tokyo. God bless the Japanese!

Anyway, all we have in Sydney is the DJ's food hall. Not that I'm complaining. It's good, considering that it's the only basement food hall that we have, but it's about the third of the size of the ones in Tokyo.

I had a huge craving for chocolate cake so picked up this baby from the Espresso Bar:

Triple chocolate cake ($6.25)

Cross-section of the cake

My friend picked up a salmon box from their sushi bar. It was okay. I think that the sushi always looks so much better in the DJs sushi bar fridge than it actually tastes.

I can't wait until I can go back to Tokyo and really appreciate their food halls!


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  1. Omigosh I loved the food courts in Japan!
    The down side was that there wasn't anywhere to sit and eat, so we used to buy bits and pieces and take it up to our hotel room.