How to make a great chai

I've decided to share my recipe for great at-home chai tea. It's taken me a while to perfect this!

What you need:
  • Nerada organic chai loose leaf mix - you can get this from the supermarket and it is GREAT! I've tried Twinings and Dilmah tea bags in the past but it just doesn't compare.
  • Honey
  • Hot milk - this is the KEY to making it taste like cafe style chai. I can't believe I didn't realise this earlier considering I always stand there watching them make everything with hot milk
  • Boiling water
Prepare the tea and either use a plunger, teapot or have a strainer handy because there aren't many big leaves in this milk, the emphasis is on the spices. Add hot milk and honey to taste.

Drink and thank me later for providing you with these handy hints :)


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