New Dong Dong Noodles, Kingsford, Sydney

>> July 21, 2014

Guest blogger edition

Over the years, I've found that restaurants located around university campuses are usually the best place to find decent grub at lowly student prices. Back in my youthful days attending UNSW, I remember going to Dong Dong Noodle house after classes to grab a quick dinner with my buddies before heading home.

Fast forward some years and Dong Dong's is still there! Although the name has changed slightly to "The New Dong Dong Noodles", I was glad to find food and prices were still pretty much what I remembered.

Salt and pepper chicken wing s- $11.80 - a heap of chicken wings deep fried to perfection and coated in that salt and pepper flavour that we all know and love =) Only comment - too many drummettes and not enough wing sections! arrrghhh

Fish fillet with sweet corn on rice - $10 - Another old favourite - goujons of fish lightly battered, fried and covered in sweet corn puree on an enormous mound of rice. We finished the toppings but there was no way of finishing all that rice...such great value for students as rice can easily make someone full, hehe

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Diamond Cafe, Hurstville, Sydney

>> July 15, 2014

Guest blogger edition

Located on the main eating strip of Hurstville, next to the Commonwealth bank and opposite the 85 degrees bakery is the Diamond cafe. Related to the Diamond bakery next door, this restaurant is like a small Taiwanese snack cafe. It serves a good variety of small snacks and meals that you would normally associate with Taiwanese cuisine as well as some bubble tea varieties.

It was quite busy when we arrived but luckily the turnover is quite quick as customers tend to chow down their meals and then leave rather than idle around like at some other restaurants. It's quite a small space though so don't expect any tables larger than 4 or so. We ordered at the counter and waited for our food.

Fried chicken with noodle soup - $12 - the noodles and the chicken comes out separately so that the crispy fried chicken isn't made soggy by the noodle soup. The noodle and soup are fairly standard with a bit of Chinese broccoli floating around to add a bit of texture, but the real star of the dish is the chicken....mmmmm.... It must be quite a close contest between the Taiwanese and the Koreans to see who has the best fried chicken, haha. This version is definitely a contender - thin crunchy batter with a hint of sesame coated on chunks of chicken meat- delicious.

For an extra $2 with any meal purchase, you can get a glass of cold ice tea - basic but refreshing. I thought I'd ordered 2 but the waiter only brought out one - the owner then said he'd give me another one for free. Great service!

Stewed duck with noodle soup - $15 - An interesting dish that I hadn't tried before. A stewed duck maryland piece with meat falling off the bone sitting in a lovely herby broth (kinda reminds of buk ket teh flavours) alongside thin angel hair like strands of noodle. The soup was the highlight of the dish. The black cubes you see there are like rice cakes.

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Hong Ha Bakery, Mascot, Sydney

>> July 10, 2014

Guest blogger edition

Hong Ha bakery - if you are an aficionado of pork rolls (and I know many people are) this name is synonymous with great tasting, freshly made pork rolls at a decent price.

The secret I think is in their bread roll. Baked fresh every morning in house at the store in Mascot, it provides the perfect foundation for the other pork roll ingredients. I think they used to also have a branch in Hurstville, but it may have closed down?

Anyways, we were actually thinking about going to Bourke street bakery or Christopher's cakes for a bit of breakfast early on a Saturday morning, but for some reason, we suddenly changed our minds. A pork roll for breakfast? Why not we thought!

And so we rocked up to the Mascot branch of Hong Ha and lo and behold - there were already people having the same idea as us! We joined the queue for the pork rolls and patiently waited whilst watching the ladies and chefs bustling around at the back.

They also have meat ball rolls, spring rolls, chicken rolls, cheese and bacon rolls etc etc....

The ingredients all waiting to be sandwiched in that lovely soft but crunchy bread roll

Cross -section of the pork roll- sooo good for just $5!  Packed full of carrot, coriander, slices of pork and ham, shallots, pate and probably some other ingredients I've forgotten.... what a great start to the weekend!

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